Others (2) – Candid Shots! <3

September 18, 2008 at 10:21 pm (Idiosyncrasies)

candid shots! (: i love the photo booth in mac lab. me twinnies and miao (: the cartoon effect i think.

i especially like this one! the creases on theresa’s skirt — like real cartoon liddat. im so extra lah at the side, if not it’ll really be like so super cartoon! ❤


hahah four of twinnies! the mirror effect. zomg damn scary.

hahaha i like this effect the most! pop art effect. look at the partition vertically down the middle! me and miao the face join one (:

hahahah this is miao hanqing’s favourite! her face looooks DAMN screwed! ohmygod. mine oso haha. i like our expressions! so 配合 the effect. like our faces really being squashed liddat. (:


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Others (1) – haha clearing up

September 15, 2008 at 5:28 pm (Idiosyncrasies)

we were told to help “clear up” the art gallery to leave space for our works. hahaha violent aepers. >.<

we were destroying the poor “earth” like structure. eh it was a HAND! but look at the state of it now. fingers gone lah. zomg.

ooo the alien artwork whick was made up of wires! quite hard to break. bleh but i think we just threw the whole thing away cos it wasnt that big either.

jac with the dumb hammer. hahah (: super loud when she kong-ed the fake vending machine, or i forgot what it’s called.

yayy aep lesson was super fun lah (: hahahah

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