Write ups (5) – Beary Ambitious Exhibition

September 19, 2008 at 8:00 am (Write ups)

me trixie and theresa went to an art exhibition called the Beary Ambitious exhibition by Song Wei on the 24th of June. because me and theresa both were researching into oriental stuff for our coursework, so we decided to go together. following are some of his works.


The Beary Ambitious exhibition was put up at the paragon atrium – a series of oil paintings sporting oriental designs on modern icons. The bears are of a monochromatic color scheme of blue and yellow, with occasional inklings of other colors. The bears seem to be made of porcelain and the series of oil paintings depict everyday actions carried out by the bears – such as flying a kite, riding a bike, eating a lollipop, going to the toilet, riding on a toy horse and flying a kite. the only painting with subjects initiating an action out of the ordinary is the last painting i uploaded – bears holding a red kite and gesturing with a forward motion that gives an idication of a uprise.

Coming to the macro view, each bear was painted meticulously with the oriental designs on the bears very carefully rendered. In the midst of peonies and intricate weaving of leaves and brunches, there is an occational “modern” symbol on the bear – for example, a heart symbolising “peace”, or a star. The artist has treated the “eyes” of the bear in a very different way. Instead of painting real eyes, the eyes of the bear are illustrated with crosses, scissors or dots. it effectively shows us the emotions of the bear – whether it’s happy (illustrated by a dot and a scissors – symbolising a wink), or whether it is very concentrated and using a lot of strength (illustrated by 2 crosses)


The oil paintings are extremely well rendered. It is impressive the way the artist drew the intricate oriental designs, which requires much skill. Besides, the feeling of pottery was well brought out with the smoothness of the surface of the bears, and the shiny reflections of light on the bear. It donnes the bear with a very solid feel. however, the motions of the bear – such as riding a bicycle was well drawn out. Albeit the obvious stiffness and erectness of pottery, the bears could demonstrate joy, and frustruation (: Lastly, the forms and lines of the bears were very well rendered – the proportions of the bear was just nice – long and sleek enough to give the “porcerlain” feeling, and also not so long for the bear to remain cute and huggable! (:


I feel that his works carry much meaning in them. Most of his works illustrate a longing for childhood – a preservation of childhood times – the bears and the situations that they are in: playing with toys, riding horses, even just standing there, seemingly to pose for a photo gives me an extrememly warm feeling. the simple freedom that they have that we kinda lost 😦

but there is a certain painting that i feels doesnt demonstrate too much the childlike joy.  one of the paintings was a group of bears holding a red flag in a slightly forceful manner which suggests that they are moving forward. this indicates patriotism (: one of the bears is pointing his arm in a suggestive motion.


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  1. junyi said,

    hey! just decided to have a look around here (:

    TEDDY BEARS! i think in sec 2 or 3 for art me+sufen made a picture storybook with a bear as the main character. obviously this guy paints much better 😀 anyways, i quite like the few pictures posted here (: very pretty! and blue + yellow is a nice colour scheme to use, quite cheerful since its like the sun + sky. (ikea uses the same colour scheme! :D)

    do you really think we’ve ‘lost the simple freedom’? ): i’m always hopeful 😀

    i quite like the painting in the first photo though, the one with the red flag. seems like communist propaganda to me, which kinda makes you feel like shouting 一起前进吧!:D

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